This Summer’s Financial News

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A Compilation of Submissions From This Year’s Summer Project.

During summer 2020, QWFM general and exec team members independently produced summaries on financial deals and news stories that have impacted the markets. This document is a compilation of these reports, and is intended to be used as a showcase of our members’ work and as an education tool which allows members and other readers to explore their personal interests in finance and deepen their understanding of financial markets.

Read submissions here: QWFM_Summer_Project

QWFM Summer Recruitment Guide

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The purpose of this guide is to prepare a framework for Queen’s students interested in pursuing careers in finance. Although this guide is tailored to women and Queen’s Women in Financial Markets (QWFM) members, we hope any students at Queen’s can reap the benefits.

The guide was established through the experiences and knowledge of the contributors and only acts as recommendations. The contributors certify that all views expressed in this report accurately reflect our personal views, which have not been influenced by considerations of employing firms. Some of the topics in the guide are subject to personal-opinion and the contributors understand that not all information will be agreed upon. This guide is not all-encompassing, and it is recommended to use this guide as one of the tools throughout the application process. Pairing this guide with mock-interviews, reading technical guides such as BIWS, joining clubs and conferences should set yourself up for more success.

Throughout the guide, all aspects of recruiting are addressed including networking, applications, and interviews. Because of the breadth of finance jobs, not every realm is heavily touched upon, but the basics of networking and job applications are consistent.

Read submissions here: QWFM-Summer-Guide

Education Modules

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Realms of Finance

Download here: QWFM-F2020

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Interview Prep

Download here: QWFM Interview-Prep_vF

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Financial Markets 101

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Different Types of Investing 

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Stock Pitch

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Equity & Enterprise Value