This Summer’s Financial News

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A Compilation of Submissions From This Year’s Summer Project.

During summer 2020, QWFM general and exec team members independently produced summaries on financial deals and news stories that have impacted the markets. This document is a compilation of these reports, and is intended to be used as a showcase of our members’ work and as an education tool which allows members and other readers to explore their personal interests in finance and deepen their understanding of financial markets.

Read submissions here: QWFM_Summer_Project

Education Modules

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Module 1: Realms of Finance

This module looks at what financial markets are and what types of job opportunities exist in the industry.

Download here: QWFM-F2020-Module-1-v-Final

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Module 2: Interview Prep

Tips for acing your finance interview!

Download here: QWFM-Module-2-Interview-Prep_vF

QWFM TVM v2..pptx

Time Value of Money & Accounting

Time Value of Money is an essential aspect of finance and investment as it represents the important rule of “money today is worth more than money tomorrow”.  This will be proven and exemplified in this module as we learn to apply the quantitative aspects of time value of money to everyday examples. Additionally, accounting basics will be covered in this module as a backbone to your learning as we move forward.  When we begin to assess companies based on financials, it is crucial to your understanding that you are well versed in the language of accounting and can navigate the financial statements.

Download here: Time-Value-of-Money-and-Accounting_vF (1)

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Enterprise vs Equity Value

An exploration of what enterprise and equity value is and its uses. 

Download here: QWFM-Equity-vs-Enterprise-Value_vF