A note from our founders.

While we both come from the non-traditional background of engineering, we have developed a strong passion for financial markets, stemming from initial experiences in summer internships. When reflecting on these internships, we realized how lucky we were to have been given opportunities to engage with such an interesting industry so early in our careers.

However, we also recognized that there were still many invisible barriers for women, and many of our female colleagues felt unqualified and/or ill-informed to be able to enter the industry. Further, amidst the movement for women’s empowerment, we were shocked to realize that there was no group already doing this on Queen’s campus. This was the beginning of what we now call Queen’s Women in Financial Markets.

From our preliminary experience in the financial sector, we saw the opportunity to make a change. We made it our mission to bring back what we had learned, and share knowledge with interested female peers with the hope that demystifying the financial sector would empower more of us to pursue a career in the industry.

Sam & Isabelle

Want to become an exec?

We are looking for women who want to empower other women.