Our Mission

Our mission is to educate QWFM members on the countless opportunities that exist for them in the financial sector by equipping them with the skills necessary to excel in whichever position they may choose.
Provide passionate students the opportunity to expand their professional network and learn from experienced women who are currently working in the financial sector.

Our Goals 

Our goal moving forward as an organization is to expand by enhancing job readiness and awareness of career opportunities available.
We want to forge career connections for our members through interaction with alumni and the business community.

Our Strategy

Hold an Annual Symposium with our external partners featuring a series of speaker panels, workshops, and networking sessions.
Immersive site visits to start-up incubators, financial institutions, trade shows, and other organizational settings.
Host guest speakers, brown-bag lunch presentations, and other forms of alumni interaction.

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The QWFM Mentorship program is about creating lasting relationships between members and industry mentors to foster personal development and enhanced career objectives. The program seeks to challenge, broaden and expand the mentee’s thinking by providing guidance, new perspectives, an unbiased opinion, and by challenging the way she thinks about the opportunities that exist for women in finance.

Who is a QWFM Mentor

A mentor represents someone who is there to provide guidance, insight and support for their mentee, whether it be in their academic or professional life. This could take the form of a quick phone call, a recurring meeting time, or an impromptu meeting; whichever form of communication works best for both the mentee and the mentor.  Despite the fact that recruiting will likely happen through this program, the goal of this program is to establish relationships between mentor and mentee that promote growth.

Mentees in Commerce
Mentees in Arts & Sciences
Mentees in Engineering

Role of a mentor

Be available and keep your commitments: Be a reliable source of information for your mentee by keeping your meetings and following up.
Be a good listener: Find out what your mentee’s goals are for this experience. Sometimes they may just need to talk through ideas with someone.
Assist in informal networking: Provide professional contacts/make informal introductions, where possible, that would be helpful for your mentee’s specific area of interest.

Role of a mentee

Be flexible and keep your commitments: Discuss meeting dates and times that will work well for both of you in advance with your mentor. Follow through on any actions and update your mentor about them.
Take charge: Remember that you are the one driving this relationship. Identify your goals for the mentoring relationship and prepare for meetings with your mentor.
Get out of your comfort zone: Your mentor has a lot of valuable knowledge and experience that can help you achieve your career goals. Take advantage of her experience by asking questions and be willing to try new approaches.